CEIA Metal Detectors – Food Industry

THS/21 standard metal detectorTHS/21
Ceia Standard

THS/MS21 THS/21 metal detectorTHS/MS21
Multispectrum technology

THS/21E-3F THS/21E metal detectorTHS/21E-3F THS/21E
Multifrequency technology

THS/GMS21 THS/G21 metal detectorTHS/GMS21 THS/G21
Free-falling product applications

THS/G21E metal detectorTHS/G21E
Free-falling product applications

THS/MN21 metal detectorTHS/MN21

THS/FFV21 THS/FFV21S gravity feed detectorTHS/FFV21 THS/FFV21S
Gravity Feed

THS/PL21 pipeline detector for liquid productsTHS/PL21 series
Pipeline system for liquid & viscous products

THS/PLV21 metal detectorTHS/PLV21 series
System with ejection valve for liquid & viscous products

THS/PLVM21 meat detectorTHS/PLVM21
Metal Detector and ejection valve for meat

THS/FBB conveyor belt systemTHS/FBB
Flat Belt Configuration

Modular Belt Configuration

Modular conveyor belt system for THS Metal Detectors

Conveyor Belt Systems for THS 21 and THS/21E Metal Detectors

Modular Conveyor Belt Systems for THS 21 and THS/21E

Modular Conveyor with retractable ejection system

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