The Most Advanced Textile Metal Detector

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  • Very high Sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • High Immunity to environmental Interference
  • Stand -- alone and separate control unit version (RC) available
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Wide Detection Speed range, from 1 up to 600 m/min
  • Easy installation and setting
  • Complete selection range: 35 models available
  • IP65 (RC version) high degree of protection
  • Fully Digital Programming
  • Internal data logging with data and timestamp for Quality control
  • High contrast graphic OLED display
  • Password protected with separate user and engineer level
  • Bluetooth communication for setting and maintenance through external PC
  • Autolearn function for automatic setting of the maximum sensitivity in dry and wet conditions
  • Built-in function for automatic measurement of the external interferences
  • High level of electronic and mechanical Reliability
TE/SLD displayHigh-definition graphic display detail

Options & Accesories

MD ScopeMDSCOPE is a software package specifically developed by CEIA in order to allow easy and complete testing of the functioning of a Metal Detector -- without the use of special instrumentation -- both during the setting up phase and on the occasion of periodic tests. Using a personal computer, MDSCOPE allows adjustment and monitoring of the Metal Detector, as well as the storage and printing of the data gathered.

Additional Images

Textile Metal Detector - Installed Textile Metal Detector - Installed Textile Metal Detector - Installed

Probe Dimensions

TE/SLD Dimensions TE/SLD – Remote Control Dimensions
Model Useful Length Model Useful Length
TE/SLD/1300  1300 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1200  1265 mm
TE/SLD/1500  1500 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1300  1365 mm
TE/SLD/1700  1700 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1400  1465 mm
TE/SLD/1900  1900 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1500  1565 mm
TE/SLD/2100  2100 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1700  1765 mm
TE/SLD/2300  2300 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1800  1865 mm
TE/SLD/2500  2500 mm TE/SLD/ RC-1900  1965 mm
TE/SLD/2700  2700 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2000  2065 mm
TE/SLD/2900  2900 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2100  2165 mm
TE/SLD/3100  3100 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2300  2365 mm
TE/SLD/3300  3300 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2400  2465 mm
TE/SLD/3500  3500 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2500  2565 mm
TE/SLD/3700  3700 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2700  2765 mm
TE/SLD/3900  3900 mm TE/SLD/ RC-2900  2965 mm
TE/SLD/4100  4100 mm TE/SLD/ RC-3000  3065 mm
TE/SLD/4500  4500 mm TE/SLD/ RC-3100  3165 mm
TE/SLD/5300  5300 mm TE/SLD/ RC-3200  3265 mm
TE/SLD/ RC-3300  3365 mm

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