Free Product Testing

Ceia Free Product Testing

We have a new Ceia THS MS 21 Multi-spectrum metal detector in our facility, 20” by 7” product aperture. If your product fits through this aperture, bring or send us your product, we’ll test the product and send you a full report highlighting what size metal contaminants can be detected. The THS MS21 is truly unbelievable, we are so confident in this equipment, we already know it will exceed your current sensitivity capabilities no matter which brand you currently use.

With thousands of systems currently installed throughout the world, Ceia’s line of metal detectors have become the industry standard for those striving for ultimate performance and total FDA Title 21 conformity.

More detection frequencies mean more sensitive metal detection and fewer product effect errors. Only CEIA THS MS21 multi-spectrum metal detectors use many frequencies simultaneously. All other metal detectors — even three-frequency models — use only one frequency at a time. And you have to reduce their sensitivity to prevent false reject signals caused by salt, moisture content, and other product effect conditions that may produce a signal on the metal detector.

The world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors, CEIA has developed multi-spectrum technology available in no other metal detector. In addition to the industry’s highest sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel, CEIA MS21 detectors accurately differentiate between product effect and metal contaminants with no need to reduce sensitivity.

Ceia established in the 1960’s provides TSA walk through metal detector at most US airports, it also manufactures US military ground search metal detectors. The MS21 technology is derived from these technologies.

Ceia THS/MS21 with a conveyor beltCEIA’s simple Global Auto-Learn system selects and displays the optimal sensitivity setting to eliminate guesswork and inspection errors. The detector continuously tests and recalibrates itself to compensate for product effect conditions. Data for every detection and rejection action are saved for programming, testing, and compliance with FDA Title 21 requirements for event tracing. One-button preview of detection setting increases set-up speed and accuracy. Combined with memory for over 500 products, this provides fast, error-free changeovers. Bluetooth connectivity facilitates remote programming and data collection.


  • It will exceed your current sensitivity capabilities
  • Ensures the best possible detection levels for your product
  • Provides the highest levels of food safety available
  • Satisfies FDA Title 21 requirements
  • Eliminates head water intrusion with epoxy encapsulated coils
  • Excellent quality build, high reliability

In raw meat, fish and harsh wash-down environments, this detector excels and exceeds other brands not only in sensitivity but also in the fact that the aperture is potted in epoxy; the head can therefore never experience water penetration, often the failure with other common brands. The coils are encapsulated.

In bakery products this detector will consistently detect smaller sizes of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants than was ever possible before, with no product waste.

Recent trials on dry non-conductive products revealed it will detect as small as 1.0mmss 316 through the center of the product aperture 20” by 7”.

Recent trials on wet conductive products and products wrapped in metallized film revealed it will detect as small as 2.0mm ss 316.

These results are simply remarkable, if your application requires sensitivity levels that you cannot currently achieve, the Ceia THS MS21 is the answer. Please contact us for more information.

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