Metal Detector Test Standards

At Fastec Services, LLC we understand the need for high quality testing supplies. All of our metal detector test pieces are manufactured in a food grade FDA approved material, and are traceable through lot numbers. The items are engraved, not stamped, for longevity. All of our metal detector test samples are accompanied with a certificate of compliance, traceable through this site.

Electromagnetic Testing

Fastec Services LLC supplies metrological samples (NIST) certified for diameter and electromagnetic signal, after manufacturing each sample is tested to ensure that the correct signal strength is observed for the size of inserted ball, this ensures the highest possible quality control.

We have a range of Metal Detector test spheres in most metal types ranging from 0.3 mm to 14 mm, with special spheres sizes available upon request.

  • Non-Ferrous (Brass)
  • Ferrous (51220)
  • Stainless Steel (Grades 316, 304, 440)

Aluminum and Copper are available, please call for more details. (843-406-9745)
Our metal detector test cards are available up to 3mm in all materials. Company logo’s can be printed if requested.

BRC compliant samples are now also available for an additional fee.

Tips and Advice

Are you using the correct size samples for your detector? Product, product temperature, product tunnel height and width, frequency, electrical noise, all effect sensitivity. Please call for more information.

Test your metal detectors at regular intervals, every hour is common practice, use three test samples made from Ferrous (Chrome Steel), Non-Ferrous (Brass) and grade 316 Stainless Steel. Grade 316 Stainless is used as it has Non-Magnetic properties, which means that it is one of the most difficult grades of Stainless Steel for a metal detector to find. So the theory is, if it can find this grade then it will certainly find the others.

When testing your metal detector place the test sample into your product, try to position the test sample at a height inside the product where it would pass through the center of the product tunnel. This is the least sensitive position inside a metal detector tunnel. If it’s rejected when it passes through the center then it will certainly be rejected if it passes through the side of the tunnel.

Always use three test samples as the detector could in some cases detect one kind of metal but not the others due to tuning drift.

Remember test standards are color coded:

FE = Ferrous RED
= Non-Ferrous GREEN
= Stainless Steel BLUE

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